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Posted by MateusAbrantes - October 17th, 2019

What's good, Newgrounds!

A friend of mine (JP Bianchini / sakura Hz) has recently joined the community and I think you guys should know more about his work. He's a composer / music producer mainly focused in electronic genres such as Synthwave, Trap, and Lo-Fi, but he can also make Corporate Music, if you happen to need something like that! ūüĎĆ

I'm gonna leave a couple of examples here so you guys can have a little taste:

And here's a news post with his latest portfolio:


Please, feel free to contact him directly here on NG or via social media!



Posted by MateusAbrantes - July 16th, 2019

A quick personal project based on a concept by the talented meyoco

Newgrounds version:


Posted by MateusAbrantes - December 21st, 2016

Hey, Newgrounds! Long time no see.

I haven't been much active here this year and I felt like sharing with you guys and girls what I've been up to lately.

On October 28th, I started working on my first 3D short, which is based on a true story. It tells the story of an ordinary family whose dad is an alcoholic; whose son spends most of his time playing videogames in order to scape his sad reality at home; and whose mom can't do much to change their current situation. The short is based on a chapter that happened to me when I was about 8~10 years old and used to have a SNES. Thankfully, the alcoholic father and the submissive mother are fictional adaptations, although those ended up being the main points of the story.

My intention is to be responsible for everything you SEE on screen, from the script to character design, modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering and post-production. Everything you HEAR will be done by someone else. Hopefully, I can find a composer/sound designer to come onboard this project when the time comes.

Right now, I have all 3D assets for the environments done as well as most of the storyboards. The next step is to design the three main characters in 2D, then model them in 3D. In other words, there's much work to do yet it's been so much fun. I hope this short can be displayed at the Cannes Festival some day.

Here's some shots:







There's room for easter-eggs and I'm thinking of putting a lot of references to Newgrounds in the Son's bedroom. This will be a humble homage to this awesome community that changed my life since I started working with 3D last year. :)

4956340_148234788222_C33_02.jpgSon's bedroom.

Thank you for inspiring me, Newgrounds. ‚̧


Posted by MateusAbrantes - April 22nd, 2015

Hello again, beautiful people.

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm very jealous of you guys and girls(?) that are attending to Pico Day on this 25th of April. I wonder how cool it must be having so many great artists gathered in the same place.

Second of all, I'd like to use this post to disclose to the public my official Pico Day entry, which is a 3D artwork. Newgrounds has been so nice to me in the past few months that I felt like doing something for its 20th anniversary.

CLICK HERE to see the final artwork.

I hope you guys like it. If so, please leave a comment or something. Feedback makes me happy.¬†‚̧

Also, in order to keep the tradition of always making posts with images, I'm gonna leave this Castle Crashers fan art here. I was going to turn this into 3D for Pico Day but then I changed my mind. Maybe someday.




Posted by MateusAbrantes - February 21st, 2015

I'm currently working my ass off in my entry for Pico Day 2015.

At this point, I've probably spent more than 25 hours in the project and the modeling is only about 55~60% done. The final piece will feature a bunch of Newgrounds characters and it's my most ambitious work so far - specially when it comes to 3D.

Here's 10% of the final scene. I don't want to spoil it too much.


I also made a trophy with this cute little Tankman that you can see here.

That's it for now. ^-^


Posted by MateusAbrantes - January 24th, 2015

Tabletop Tales : No Happy Ending got the Daily 3rd Place! Have you watched the animation? No?! What are you waiting for?

I would like to highlight the amazing job that JGHMusic did scoring the animation. He's a great composer and you should contact him if you have any project that needs music or sound effects, whether it be a movie, a game or whatever you can come up with.

And now I can shout to front page! How cool is that?

That was something I was trying to achieve since my first day here on Newgrounds, for almost one year. I'm still a beginner animator, in my opinion, and every single proof of recognition for my work means A LOT to me.

For those who are reading this post and still don't know me, my name is Mateus Abrantes, I'm from Brazil and I like to draw and animate stuff. Last year I took part in some collabs in order to practice and improve my knowledge in Flash and I intend to apply those learnings in more personal projects this year, so stay tuned!

See you guys next time!


Posted by MateusAbrantes - June 30th, 2014

What's up, guys!

Today I started to work on a new animation that I will probably take forever to finish, as usual. It will be a medieval short with no happy ending. The theme? "Shit Happens". Here's an early preview:


I'm still sketching the characters but the script is done, as well as the background/scenario.

Now I have, oficially, four animations to finish. FOUR! Which are:

  • The Sketch Collab '14 (My entry) = 95% done. (Not bad)


  • GTA V : 'Selfie-Steem' = 50% done


  • No Happy Ending (The one from above) = 10... maybe 15% done (Pff...)
  • A 10-minute animation for my internship that will have a title in portuguese that I haven't decided yet what it will be, about Children's Day = 25% done (No thumbnail for this one, sorry)

What I have done:

  • An entry for the NATA Sarcastic Creature Collab that will be released some day in the upcoming weeks.


[Update] The NATA Sarcastic Creature Collab has been released!

Aaaaand... that's all. I'm trying to make something every week and, so far, I'm doing pretty well.

Last but not least, I wanna thank those of you who have clicked the "Heart" button and became my fans here on Newgrounds. I'm really grateful for your support. For those who never heard of me but, somehow, are reading this post, please feel free to leave a comment, if you wish.

See you next time!